My neck of the Woods: York Maize Maze

My neck of the Woods: York Maize Maze
September 2, 2015 DuckDuckGoose
York Maze

Over a few select months in the summer, a magical place emerges in the York periphery…the Maize Maze.

Now this is some place let me tell you.

We arrived one sunny day wondering what was in store for us other than the obvious getting lost in a field of maize, but we could barely comprehend the sheer number of fun entertaining options that lay ahead.

Parking was onsite and a quick walk through to the entrance where we parted with our cash and wandered in. First up, children’s play park overlooked by the cafe seating area, perfect for older kids to get stuck in.

We spent a while there before deciding to explore further and see what else we could find.

Well where do we start? I could write an essay, so I will keep it simple and just list what we did:

  • Mini maze of illusions
  • Main maze (allow a couple of hours!)
  • Mineshaft wooden maze
  • Kids painting wall
  • Corn Snake Tower slides
  • Jumping pillow
  • Straw bale mountain
  • Crowmania tractor ride
  • Electric quad bikes
  • Pig racing
  • Robot show
  • Sand and water play
  • Cornstruction zone (giant lego)


And that’s not all of it…

There’s a cafe, kitchen and refreshment kiosks, loads more fun things to do, a gift shop, not to mention special events for Halloween, Bonfire night and more.

All in all we had an amazing fun day, and we could probably have spent double the time there and not got bored. I think it was the children’s energy levels which broke first!

We would thoroughly recommend a day out at the York Maze. it wasn’t necessarily super cheap at £49.50 for 2 adults & 2 kids or 1 adult & 3 kids, BUT get there early, make the most of all their attractions and you won’t leave disappointed.

In 2016 it opens July 16th, and is open to the 5th of September.




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